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Service provision

ILO TECHNOLOGY works directly on the site of its customers
Qualification of EI, FAI …

First Articles Inspection qualifcation

With ISO9001 certification and other railway certifications in the making, ILO WIRING has a culture of quality comparable to the biggets of companies. In its sense, ILO WIRING will help you to or manage your first articles inspection qualification protocols.

Industrialization assistance

Knowing that a wire, a cable or a cable harness is an integral part of a more complexe system, ILO WIRING’s design office can help you for the industrialisation of your system.

Quality processes of assembly definition

ILO WIRING’s design office will determinate with you the manufacturing and assembly criterias to guaranty the expected quality.

Tests and validation

ILO WIRING makes or helps you for aging or norm confomity test protocols.