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Our know-how


ILO TECHNOLOGY industrial processes are recognized in the most demanding sectors such as automotive, rail, medical, construction …
Recognized for ensuring a lifespan of decades, ILO TECHNOLOGY know-how is developed and tested for your applications.

Wire cutting

Single-strand wire, from 0,2 to 6mm².

Cable cutting

Multi-strand cables with a maximum diameter of 20mm.

Stripping and unsheathing

Pre stripping, pre unsheathing or stripping and unsheathing, ILO WIRING’s machines preserve strands and insulations.

Automatised crimping and control

ILO WIRING’s crimping machines are equiped with automatised crimping control, stoping all non-conformity at the begining of the manufacturing process.

Sheath cutting with cauterization

Automatised cutting and cauterization of multi-strand sheath. An requirement to perfom its function at its ends.

Marking sleeves

ILO WIRING ensures identification of its cables with different methods. From double sided marking sleeves to wire identification marking itself.

Cables harnesses

Complexe eletrical connection system, with multiples cables and connectors…

Electrical housing

Wiring of eletrical housing of all sorts.